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Cage washer

Used for cleaning and sterilizing the poultry cage with high pressure and temperature water.                                                
To prevent the poultry from cross-contamination during the operation.
Water recycling automatically for saving.                                                
Automatic washing system.                                                
Poultry bleeding groove
Used for collecting blood when the poultry are transporting by the overhead conveyor after killing.                                                
Two sides of the groove are equipped with protection sheet to prevent blood from splashing .                                                
It is made of stainless steel and acid-resistant cover.                                                
“A” type plucking machine                                                
Used for plucking poultry feathers.                                                
Its steering mechanism can make the poultry body smoothly into the right position for plucking.                                                
It rushes to take off feathers by the flushing structure anytime.                                                
Can work steadily. The speed is adjustable.                                                
Easy operation and maintenance.

Spiral pre-cooler      
Used for cooling the poultry carcass after killing and evisceration.                                                
The water temperature can be self-controlled.                                                
This machine is high hygiene standard.                                                
It is greatly energy saving and easy operating.                                                
Poultry draining machine                                                
Used for drying poultry carcass after pre-cooling to make the next operation step easier.                                                
Its rolling screen can speed up the process of removing water from poultry carcass.                                                
The draining speed can be adjustable.                                                
It is made by stainless steel.                                                
Easy operation and maintenance.                                                
Subdividing conveyor                                                
Used for conveying the poultry carcass for subdividing.                                                
It is of high hygiene standard.                                                
Be customized by own request.                                                
Adjustable speed. Easy operation.

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