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           Used to stun pigs (brain&heart) in preparation for killing for medium and large slaughterhouse

           1. It integrate spraying, conveying and electric stunning all together;        

           2. The machine stuns the two sides of pig head and heart at same time, so it can get the pigs into perfect stunning        

           status within seconds;        

           3. Automatically adjust stunning voltage according to the pig's size ;        

           4. Less than 0.1% tail bone broken rate to highly ensure good meat quality.        


           Used to scald the pigs in prepartion for next step of dehairing.        

           1. Full automation with most advanced technology. The special system can dynamically keep the scalding        

           temperature at same level;        

           2. Highest hygiene standard. Scalded by steam, pigs will not touch each other as passing the channel.  So it avoids        

            cross contamination;        

           3. Energy saving. It can save 90% water and 30% steam;        

           Spiral Dehairing Machine        

           This machine is used to remove the hair of pig/hog after scalding procedure.        

           1. Special design of "U" channel and rubber beats allows pigs to rotate at ideal speed for dehairing without any injury.        

           2. Best hair removal effect, up to 95%.        

           3. Automatic collection of pig hair, easy cleaning.        


           Synchronous Inspection System        

           1.This system can synchronously convey the carcass,white and red viscera for inspection.          

           2.Special design greatly reduces labor intensity.        

           3.The hooks and trays can be automatically cleaned and disinfected after use;        

           Splitting Robot        

           It can split pig carcass into two halves automatically. It's the most advanced splitting saw in the world now.        

           1.Fully automatic and perfect splitting effect        

           2.Less meat loss due to special splitting axe;        

           3.Cheap axe blade but much longer service life (1 million pigs per 1 set of blades);        

           Flaming Machine        

           Used to burn out the hair after dehairing and sterilize the pig carcass.        

           1.Start flaming only when pig enters to save energy;        

           2.Adjustable flaming power, time and angle;        

           3.Equipped with smoke collection system;        

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