Halal Killing Box

Used to turn thecattle over easily for halal killing.

1.   Safe for the operator, less hurt to cattle body.

2.  Adjustable according to cattle size

3.   Good animal welfare.

Cattle Dehiding Machine

Used to remove the cattle skin downwards.

1.    Hydraulic-drive,stable pulling performance.

2.    Complete skin ensured, less meat loss

3.    Easy operation and maintenance

4.    Hydraulic system included.

Carcass Dressing Line

Used to convey the cattle carcass to each work position to complete different processes.

1.Covering from cattle re-hanging to trimming process;

2.Step type conveyor with adjustable speed;

3.High degree of automation, labor saving;

Pneumatic Elevating Platform

For the operator to move up and down to finish his work.

1.Pneumatic-driven, stable moving speed;

2.Foot pedal control to avoid contamination;

3.Equipped with anti-slip standing board and operator guardrails

4.Single-pillar and double-pillar type for option

Synchronous Inspection System

This system can synchronously convey the carcass, white and red viscera for inspection.  

1. Special design greatly reduce labor intensity.

2. The hooks and trays can be automatically cleaned and disinfected after use;

3. Three types suitable for different slaughter capacities;

Automatic Carcass Washing Machine

Used to wash and clean the blood and dirties on carcass surface.

1.Auto-induction system. start spraying only when carcass enters for water saving;

2.Automatically movable sprayers with high pressure device, good cleaning effect;

3.Fully automatic, save labor;

4.Cooling down the carcass during washing

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