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           V Type Conveyor        

           Used to deliver living sheep(goat) to the killing position.        

           1.Restrain the sheep from moving and transfer forward;        

           2.Save labor and trouble of catching sheep from holding pen;        

           3.Reduce the fear of sheep;        

           Bleeding Conveying System        

           Used to hang the sheep (goat) for bleeding.        

           1.Fully bleeding effect, improve meat quality;        

           2.Adjustable conveying speed;        


           Balanced Pre-dehiding System        

           Used to pre-skinning in preparation for dehiding.        

           1.Synchronous moving speed of two parallel conveying lines;        

           2.Avoid sheep skin from sticking on the carcass, easy for dehiding;        

           3.Adjustable rail speed;        


           Dehiding Machine        

           Used to remove the sheep(goat) skin.        

           1.Stable pulling performance.        

           2.Complete skin ensured, less meat loss        

           3.Easy operation and maintenance        


           Synchronous Inspection System        

           This system can synchronously convey the carcass, white and red viscera for inspection.          

           1.Special design greatly reduces labor intensity.        

           2.The hooks and trays can be automatically cleaned and disinfected after use;        


           Chilling Rail System        

           Used to convey and hang the sheep (goat) carcasses in chilling room.        

           1.Complete management of chilling room stock        

           2.Transfer carcass easily, first in and first out.        

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