Polyurethane sandwich panel is a kind of heat preservation performance is good, high strength of the retaining structure with boards, good heat insulation performance of polyurethane as the filling material, the outside is made of color steel plate made of sandwich type library board, can reduce the heat transfer due to the temperature difference between inside and outside, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of refrigeration, cold storage system. Its scientific design, simple and practical, is a new kind of insulating material to save construction cost. Many varieties, many specifications of the library board, to meet the needs of the various places and engineering. By the national authoritative testing institutions to test,the technical indicators meet the national standards. Products are widely applied in all kinds of low temperature cold storage, and controlling, high temperature and large logistics base.

Specification: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 250 mm

Structure description:

1,library board baseplate is made of plastic coated color steel plate, anti-rust aluminum alloy or stainless steel plate, the user the freedom to choose according to need, metal plate with heat insulation sandwich materials with polyurethane foam pressure injection machine one-off injection, adhesive, strengthen library board intensity and rigidity.

2,library board splicing: 1) general cold storage use library board USES the convex groove form, with an eccentric hook lock box, two plate with sealing material sealing gap. 2) use flat structure, and controlling panel using polyurethane filled with middle pressure plate connection.

Polyurethane cold storage plate geometry connection mode is the biggest characteristic, and USES a combination of hard and soft sealing labyrinth, ensures that the structure of cold storage and low temperature of high impermeability, also applies to clean and super clean room.

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